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HeliRussia 2018: new venue and new horizons

This year, the expo celebrated its 10th anniversary, and next year the 11th HeliRussia to be held at a new venue from 24 to 26 May.

HeliRussia 2017: Impressive Results from the Anniversary Expo

С 25 по 27 мая этого года в Москве прошла юбилейная 10-я выставка, которая запомнилась участникам и гостям грандиозным масштабом, а также обилием новостей и событий. Посетителями выставки стали свыше 12.000 человек.

The anniversary HeliRussia 2017 have set an absolute record

The anniversary 10th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia gathered a record exhibition - 237 companies from 21 countries will participate in the expo, 22 helicopters, 2 gyroplanes and 15 UAVs to be displayed, the business program includes 60 events. Venue of the event is 12.4 thousand square meters. All of these sets an absolute record for the entire history of the expo since 2008.

10th anniversary International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2017 highlights

HeliRussia 2017 will be an interesting, rich in events and diversified exhibition. It will be fruitful both for aviation professionals and amateurs and for people interested in the development of aerospace technologies.

A line-up of various helicopter engines to be showcased at HeliRussia 2017

Modern line-up of rotorcraft engines, their systems and aftersales programs to be showcased at the 10th anniversary HeliRussia 2017 expo to highlight new developments in this industry.