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Participation requirements for the 12th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2018

May, 16 - 18, 2019

Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center
Moscow, Russia

Exhibition Director:

Telephone: +7 495 477 33 18 
Fax: +7 495 477 31 81
E-mail: info@helirussia.ru

Address:  Crocus Expo IEC,Trade & exhib. comp., 3d Pavilion, office 332
Mezhdunarodnaya str, 20, 143401, Moscow area, Krasnogorsk, RUSSIA

Exhibition pavilion #1, halls #3,4

1. Opening hours and document submission deadlines

May 13-15: 8am - 8pm

Exhibition hours

May 16-17: 10am - 6pm
May 18: 10am - 4pm (move out from 5pm until 8pm, no booth dismantling is allowed at this time)

May 19: 8am - 6pm

Deadline for submitting applications for participation:
April 15, 2019

2. Display (expo) space costs

Costs of the display space includes: rental payment for display space, payments for general protection of the exhibition area, cleaning of the exhibition total area (hall gangways and open area), accreditation of the 3 exhibitor's representatives on 9 sq m display area and 1 pass for the following 10 sq m of display area, provision with permanent admission passes (badges) and guest tickets at the rate of 1 ticket per 1 sq m

Standard equipped area (equipped with walls, standard furniture, carpeting and lightning) - 490  EURO 

Non-equipped area - 460 EURO

Companies plan to display helicopters will receive special discounts.

Ordering space

for 54 - 89 sq.m. discount multiplier is 0,9
for 90 sq.m. and more discount multiplier is 0,8

  • Extra charge for "corner" booth (two sides open) - 5%
  • Extra charge for "half-island" booth (three sides open) - 10%
  • Extra charge for "island" booth (four sides open) - 15%
  • Extra charge for visibility - unavailable
  • Discount for larger booths – unavailable

Due to the current economic volatility and violent fluctuations in currency exchange rate, HeliRussia 2018 organizers reserve the right to introduce another charge for exhibition space if the arithmetic mean of the exchange rate of the Russian rouble to euro over 30 (thirty) days running is more than 10 (ten) per cent of the rate of rouble to euro at the moment of signing the Exhibition Agreement.


3. Registration fee

The registration fee includes: the price of company’s entry and logo placement in the exhibition catalogue in Russian and English, provision of a company with 1 catalogue – 490 EURO

4. Payment procedure

The payment is to be effected in the following manner:

  • 50% of total Application amount are to be paid in advance according to the Organizer's invoice within five banking days;
  • the other 50% is to be paid according to the Organizer's invoice before May 1, 2019.

Before or on the Exhibition opening day the Exhibitor and the Organizer enter into an agreement on the participation in the Exhibition under the terms and conditions hereof.

10% discount on display space is granted to Exhibitors for payments made before December 22, 2017.

HeliRussia 2018 organizers will consider a failure to timely pay the issued invoices as an Exhibitor's non-participation decision.

In case of taking an official non-participation decision by an Exhibitor or a reduction in the display place against the reserved one, the Organizer will retain 50% of total Application amount or, respectively, the reduced space cost, if the waiver is submitted before March 15, 2019 or 100% thereafter.

5. Co-exhibitors

Co-exhibitors are the companies displaying their exhibits at the space of the main Exhibitor. Co-exhibitors comply with the same conditions and rules as the Exhibitor. Every Co-exhibitor must pay registration fee of 490 EURO. It can also be paid by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor is responsible for all the damage done by Co-exhibitors.

DOWNLOAD Co-Exhibitor's application form


6. Equipment of exhibition booths

The General developer of exhibition booths is OJSC Buildexpo City. Construction of non-standard exhibition booths is to be performed under supplementary agreements. If the exhibitions booths are constructed and equipped and/or construction and installation operations are performed by an Exhibitor's outside organization, such developer company must have its technical documentation verified by and obtain accreditation with OJSC Buildexpo City as well as comply with Basic requirements to holding exhibitions in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Rules for electrical work performance and Instructions for fire prevention.

7. Cargo delivery, customs clearance

The international expeditors for the foreign Exhibitors are:


Address: 127576, Moscow, 1A Novgorodskaya st.


Anton Vazimov
Tel.: +7 968 098 80 30
E-Mail: anton.vazimov@hansa-messe-speed.ru

Sergey Sakharov
Tel.: +7 906 037 06 77
E-Mail: sergey.sakharov@hansa-messe-speed.ru

Web: hansa-messe-speed.com


Address:  123317, Moscow, office 102, bldg. 4, 15 Antonova-Ovseenko st.
Tel./fax: +7 495 988 09 67
E-Mail: moscow@expotrans.net

Web: www.expotransmoscow.ru

Load-in/load-out services for exhibitors can only be ordered by on-site-exhibition Freight Forwarders.

8. Security

The Exhibition Organizer provides 24-hour maintenance of public order in the Exhibition while not protecting the exhibits. During the Exhibition term the night guarding will be provided from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Exhibitors are not permitted to effect the evening and night guarding by their own means. The Organizer accepts requests for individual exhibition booth protection. The Organizer will not be liable for any loss of or damage to Exhibitors' exhibits or other material values or the damage caused to the persons or property of the personnel working for the Exhibition Organizer unless it occurs due to the Organizer's direct fault.

9. Insurance

The Organizer undertakes to insure its civil liability and civil liability of an Exhibitor for infliction of harm to life and health and/or third parties' property including that of the Organizer, exhibits and visitors. The Exhibition participants must provide other insurance themselves including insurance against losses to be incurred due to the Exhibition termination, loss of or damage to exhibits or another property in their exhibition booths.

10. Information in the Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibitor-related information to be positioned in the Exhibition Catalogue (up to 800 symbols) must be submitted in Russian and English by April 15, 2019.