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May 21 – 23, 2015

IEC “Crocus Expo”, Pavilion № 1, halls №3, № 4

For the eighth year in a row the International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia will take place in the comfortable walls of the IEC “Crocus Expo” on May 21-23, 2015.

It is the only exhibition in Russia where national and foreign companies present the world achievements of the whole range of products and services of the helicopter industry – from design to production and operation.

The exhibition is being held in accordance with the Russian Federal Government order and permits demonstration of military purpose products. 

Domestic production of helicopters from 2004 to the present time has increased by 3.5 times. And since 2009 has increased by 66%. There is no branch of engineering with such high levels of development In Russia.

Now one of the most important priorities of the Russian helicopter industry is to accelerate the timing of helicopter programs aimed at creating and bringing to the global market for new multi-purpose helicopters Ka-62 and Mi-38, Mi-171A2.

At the end of 2013 firm orders portfoglio of "Russian helicopters" holding was for 808 helicopters, while its cost is estimated at 401.2 billion rubles. Supply plan for 2014 confirmed by firm orders for 100%. In 2013 the company produced 303 helicopters, delivered to customers 275 helicopters. Totally, in 2013 the company delivered 9 types of helicopters to customers from 10 countries.

Foreign rotorcraft production continues to conquer the Russian market in the segment of light and medium helicopters. According to the register of the CA, 246 foreign-made helicopters were registered in 2009, at the beginning of 2014 - 584 machines.

Last year was a record number of imported foreign technology in Russia. Compared with 2012, shipments increased by nearly 50% to 145 helicopters of foreign production.

According GosNII GA, over the past five years the Russian helicopter fleet increased by 355 vehicles, of which 314 - helicopters of light and middle class, 287 of them - foreign production.

At present, the Russian fleet of civil helicopters consists mainly of domestic production machines, whose share in the total number of registered helicopters is 76%. The basis of the park, still constitute Mi-8 helicopters in various modifications, there are 1192 machines of them in Russia.

The International helicopter industry exhibition is integral part of the growing market that gives the possibility for producers to show, and to consumers to see firsthand and buy on site or place an order.

The popularity of HeliRussia is being in a constant growth: the exhibiting surface of HeliRussia 2014 increased for 1140 sq.m. making in total 13 850 sq.m., where 212 (165 russian and 47 foreign) companies from 20 countries displayed their products. More than 10000 visitors came to value the model range and novelties of the world’s biggest producers of helicopters. More than 350 Russian and foreign journalists were accredited to the event.

It is noted In the Head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov's, telegram of greetings to exhibitors and visitors, that HeliRussia «... on the right is one of the largest and most reputable forums, demonstrating cutting-edge engineering, advanced technologies and services of the Russian and foreign helicopter companies. Every year the exhibition "gaining momentum", involves in its orbit of new participants from many countries. ... «HeliRussia» - this is not only an interesting and large-scale exhibition, but also a convenient platform to discuss industry issues, the establishment of partnerships. "

Besidespermitting to demonstrate the world’s industry achievements, HeliRussia attracts to the Russian market best world’s companies, facilitates the development of the international cooperation in the helicopter industry. It gives the opportunity to meet the industry’s top managers, directors of the companies and discuss cooperation and interaction.

We invite all the interested companies to take part in the seventh International Helicopter Industry Exhibition.

State yourself at HeliRussia 2015!