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The Major European Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2015 to Open in Moscow 

The 8th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia will open at Crocus Expo IEC on May 21. The exhibition is held according to the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1221-r dd. July 15 2013.
It was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The title sponsor of the event is Russian Helicopters JSC, the general sponsor is AgustaWestland, and the official sponsor is Vnesheconombank.
Two exhibition halls of Pavilion 1, its area totaling to 12,230 sq. m., will host exhibits of 219 companies from 11 countries, 16 helicopters and 5 gyrocopters made by Russian and foreign producers.
HeliRussia is the only exhibition in Russia where you can see the whole range of helicopter-related products and services: from designing, production and upgrading up to operation and maintenance. 
HeliRussia, the major specialized helicopter exhibition in Europe and the second largest in the world, enables Russia to demonstrate its high-tech achievements. 
Over 200 companies from 11 countries, including Russia, Belorus, Lithuania, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Austria will participate in HeliRussia 2015. 
Numerous newly-designed products by Russian and foreign producers will be exposed. The number of novelties will be record-breaking: no Russian aviation exhibition has ever exposed so many new helicopter designs. We will see new models of two foreign helicopter giants, AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter. Heliwhale, Russian helicopter manufacturer, will present its ultra-light helicopter.
Bell Helicopter will demonstrate the premiere in Russia Bell 505, a five-seater single-engine next generation gas-turbine helicopter, which took its maiden flight in Canada in November 2014. There will be presented the new VIP Mecaer cabin for Bell 429, as well the Bell-407GX helicopter.
AgustaWestland will bring to Moscow the AW189 helicopter for the first time. It is being currently certified in Russia. The EASA certificate was received in February 2014. AW189 is a conceptually new model of a helicopter with two GE CT7-2E1 engines and a total mass of 8.3 tons. It meets demands of the growing market, happily combining multi-functionality with low cost. 
Airbus Helicopters will showcase two helicopters: Н130 (former ЕС130 Т2) in the VIP configuration and Н125 (former AS350 B3), bestseller by Airbus Helicopters in Russia, as well as Model Н160, which was first presented to the public in March 2015. 
 The latest design of the Russian make will be presented by Heliveil, which will display a two-man high-speed ultralight helicopter with a coaxial configuration called Afalina. Domestic production and combination of technical solutions helped significantly optimize cost per flight-hour, which allows for using the helicopter for a wide range of missions. This came as a result of creative design work performed by real aviation enthusiasts. 
Gyroplane manufacturers will not stay on the sidelines of the innovation trends either: the first gyroplanes produced under the license of the Italian manufacturer Claudio Pagotto will be for the first time demonstrated at HeliRussia 2015 by “Za Oblaka.”
Traditionally, the exhibition will feature a joint exposition of State Corporation Rostec and its 22 companies: Helicopters of Russia Holding, Rosoboronexport OJSC, Aviation Equipment OJSC, Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern OJSC, Avionica Concern OJSC, Ramenskoye Design Company, Fazotron NIIR Corporation OJSC, Aeropribor-Voskhod OJSC, Izmeritel OJSC, Techpripor OJSC, etc. 
At HeliRussia 2015, Helicopters of Russia JSC will demonstrate the medical version of the Ansat Helicopter, helicopters Ka 226 and Mi 8 (VIP cabin). 
Russian Helicopter Systems CJSC will showcase a six-man VIP cabin AW109SP and present the project of helicopter infrastructure development in the Moscow region.
  As always, the exhibition will feature an impressive number of Robinson helicopters, one of the innovations being the R66 with an autopilot by Aviamarket CJSC. 
In total, the exposition will cover 5 helicopters of the Russian make (Mi 8, Mi 2, Ka 226, Ansat and Afalina), 3 AgustaWestland helicopters (AW 109 Grand New, AW 139, AW 189), 3 craft by Airbus Helicopters (EC 130 T2, AS 350 B3, AS 350 B3E), 2 Robinson Helicopters (R 66, R 44), two Bell Helicopters (Bell 505, Bell 407GX), and one Belgian Dynali H2S. 
Gyroplanes Cavalon and Calidus, GYRO GT. GYRO SPRINT, TANARG 912, and the motor-glider Stemme S10 will also be on the display in the exhibition hall at HeliRussia 2015. 
Visitors will be offered the latest developments in navigation equipment, ground support, radar control, and equipment for helicopter pads.
Thus, Tranzas Aviation will show two innovative products at once: the visualization system Aurora 3 and combined air navigation and blinker light for helicopters and airplanes. Besides, the company’s exposition will include the avionic set KBO 62 for the helicopter KA 62, and automated training systems for the cockpit and maintenance personnel of air carrier companies.
For the first time, within the framework of the Federal Target Program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry in the Russian Federation by 2020 and Further Prospects,” this year’s HeliRussia will feature a joint exposition of Russian companies manufacturing medical products and innovative equipment for sanitary aviation and disaster medicine under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
Business program
Traditionally, the exhibition site HeliRussia will serve as a platform for discussing relevant sectoral and cross-sectoral issues. 
This year, we are starting to address a new topic – Airborne Vehicle Design. The international forum which will take place with the support of Helicopters of Russia Holding and the Association of Designers of Russia will bring together aviation, transportation and industrial design experts, engineering companies, design bureaus and key players from the Russian and international industry. 
During a three-day international event, guests and participants of the design forum will have an opportunity to discuss and develop common solutions in terms of methodology and structure of the air vehicle design processes.
The Airborne Vehicle Design Forum will also offer a round robin on design issues (shaping, style and detailing) of aircraft cabins and body elements. A conference on the Modernization of Airborne Vehicles – Design Opportunities, and a workshop on color scheme design of a helicopter body.
One of the key events within the exhibitions will be the International Conference “Helicopter Market: Reality and Prospects” organized by the Association of the Helicopter Industry and the industry-based agency “AviaPort.” The conference will address the parameters of the Russian helicopter market as seen by consumers and manufacturers of helicopters. Furthermore, the conference program will cover presentations on the forecasts for the world’s helicopter market from Honeywell Aerospaсe (Paulo Menegusso, Director for Market Studies), and on the Russian helicopter market. 
HeliRussia 2015 will further promote the discussion of the sanitary aviation issues within the framework of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Sanitary Aviation and Medical Evacuation.” In 2012-2014, the conference established itself as the largest platform in Russia to address a range of issues related to the development of the sanitary aviation and medical evacuation, and optimization of the aircraft rescue technologies. The format of an open discussion and interdisciplinary approach will attract experts from the entire scientific and economic community.
Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern OJSC will hold its traditional representative conference “Airborne Avionics.”
At HeliRussia 2015, the Helicopter Industry Association is going to organize discussion of a number of important trends of development of the helicopter industry, among them: “International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGRP) - Helicopter Services Security in Energy Sector” workshop, conferences on flight weather support from the landing pads and “Technical Means for Improving Efficiency of Helicopter Position Finding. Tracking Systems. Economic Efficiency,” as well as a seminar for aviation lawyers, “Amended Chapter 8 of the Air Code. Aviation Work Regulatory Support.”
The exhibition will also host conferences, round table discussions and seminars: “Aviation Equipment Upgrading: Meeting Statutory Requirements or Cost Optimization?” (Tranzas CJSC), closed session of operators-members of the Pool of Mi8MTB/AMT, Mi-171/172 Spare Parts (Aviasystems CJSC), “Vibroacoustics CAD in Aircraft and Helicopter Building. Optimization of Helicopter Body Design Based on Vibroacoustic Analysis” (ESI Group), “Helicopter Pads of Moscow City and their Operation Procedure,” and many others.
Skolkovo Open University is planning to hold an interactive innovation section “Future transport: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” where helicopter industry startups will be presented and prospects of partnering with corporations for the development of the innovation component of transport technology will be discussed.
The exhibition is supposed to witness the signing of the agreement on exclusive license for the final assembly of Bell 407GX helicopter in Russia between Bell Helicopter Textro and UZGA OJSC.
May 22, the day before the official closing of the exhibition, will see the traditional annual ceremony of awarding the winners of the Helicopter Industry Association.
Fans of aviation will certainly be excited to attend a prize award ceremony on the final day of the exhibition. Winners and laureates of the “Beauty of rotary-wing machines” photo contest will receive their awards.
Currently, over 900 representatives of over 130 companies plan to participate in the business program of the exhibition. All in all, 46 various conferences, round tables, master classes and presentations will take place within the exhibition.
Daria Shuvaeva, press secretary of the exhibition, will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Tel.: 8 926 624 69 19